I Want To Be Better At This One New Year's Resolution. Join Me.

I am so horrible with New Years resolutions. I mean, can we just admit we’re all pretty bad at keeping them?

So I’m calling my resolution something different in 2014. I’m really just calling it “living.” I’m reading this really great book right now called Love Does by Bob Goff. In it he talks about an everyday “invitation” to really live. He describes looking at the things happening around us as a way to engage in life in that moment. From the smell of coffee wafting from the kitchen in the morning, to the frazzled mom in line at the grocery store who may just need an extra hand- we’re given moments that invite us to participate in the life that is swirling around us.

I’m kind of thinking this was God’s idea in putting us here in the first place. That we would be alive to the world around us, offering our minds, hearts, and hands.

Consider this your invitation to join me this year in living. Maybe if we’re all in this together, we won’t let each other forget to live.

What are some ways you want to really live this year? I'd love to hear how you're going to accept the invitation!

Hoping for a great year for all of us.



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