Is It A Sin To Be Anxious?

It’s not a sin to be anxious.

To be anxious is to be human. If a person were to tell me they are never anxious, I would question their humanity, or if there were being honest with themselves. Obviously, people can experience differing levels of anxiety, but regardless of the level, anxiety is not a sin. Jesus himself was anxious. If you remember reading about Jesus in the garden before he went to the cross, it didn’t seem like his most peaceful moment, did it? No. In fact, he was anxious. He was very anxious. He was so anxious and fearful that he sweat blood (which can actually happen, it’s called Hematidrosis). This could be problematic for the Christian, like myself, that believes Jesus never sinned-that he was and is the “spotless Lamb.” Therefore, I’ve concluded that since Jesus was anxious, but never sinned, that being anxious is not a sin.

However, can anxiety lead to sin?  Yes. Jesus could have let his anxiety cause him to be disobedient, which would’ve been sin.

Later, Paul tells the Church of Ephesus, “in your anger, do not sin.” He did not tell them they were sinning in their anger. I interpret this text as Paul not condemning them for their anger, but imploring caution for the Church not to sin during their anger, nor let it fester. As we know, anger can lead people, including myself, to say and do stupid things.

If you struggle or know someone who struggles with anxiety, just know that you are normal, and Jesus relates to you more than you might realize.

Don’t feel bad or guilty for being anxious. If Jesus experienced anxiety and he was God, than we as humans can expect to be susceptible to this experience as well. To be human is to be able to feel all sorts of emotions and feelings, even if those feelings are sometimes uncomfortable. Yes, we need to deal with our humanity, and I would encourage you do that. (I would even love to help you deal with it). But first, embrace your humanity. Don’t beat yourself up for it. Then, let Jesus transform it.

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