Confession: I'm an Extremist (Part 1)

I have a confession to make to you: I'm an extremist.  

I didn't realize and own up to this until recently.  Since I've started back to school, pursuing my License in Professional Counseling, I've realized how extreme I can become when I am trying to make the best possible grade.  I get paranoid. I can't focus on anything else. I check things over like 5 times in row before turning it in. (Maybe this is OCD and deserves a separate post- I don't know...).  I'm also extreme in my decision making.  I will research and research about a product until I have found the "best" option to purchase, even if that purchase is as simple as a toothbrush!

Why does this even matter?  

It matters because I'm learning that me being an extremist usually hurts the relationships around me, ESPECIALLY when I am extreme with making minor things major things. Extremists are divisive, period.  Sure, there is always someone or a group that I can find that inevitably will take MY side and be on MY team, but on the whole, my extremism divides-it doesn't unify.  It hurts me, my relationship with Jesus, my marriage, and the relationships around me.  

So what am I doing about this?  Well, I "think" the Lord is and has been telling me a simple phrase over and over..."Zach, fight for the middle."

Wait....What?! Live in the middle? What about going all out?!?  God, I really feel strongly about this particular issue, others MUST know about it too! I believe this issue is a MAJOR issue!!

 "Zach, fight for the middle."

Am I just trying to play it too safe? Maybe. Maybe not.

I'm am, however, tired of myself and others (especially Christians) making a living on making minor things major things and putting the God stamp of approval on it, like it's God's newest prophecy to the world.  For example, I'm okay with different denominations, but I have to imagine it is humorous to those that don't call themselves Christians, when they look at the scope of the evangelistic culture, with all of our different denominations.  Today, when I think about the different denominations across the U.S., I see a group of people that 'think' certain minor things are in fact major things, which consequentially results in a divide. Is this the way God wanted it? I don't know.

Am I being too extreme over not being extreme? HA!


Part 2 Coming Soon...