The best marriage advice I've been given.

Zach and I are approaching our 4th year of marriage. Crazy. I thought in celebration of marriage I would share the best marriage advice I've been given. It's perhaps been the number one thought that has driven us through these 4 years. 

We’ve had the privilege of being counseled by some really wise people who have given us and shown us wonderful marriage examples. This one piece of advice pops in my mind probably most often:


You’re on the same team.”


I know, it sounds really simple and I should have already known that about my relationship with my husband. But in the day-to-day frustrations of please pick up your wet towel, or it’s your turn to feed the cats, or we don’t have enough money for you to do that...I just forget that we have the same goal in mind.

Why would Lebron James want to fight with Chris Bosh? I mean, don’t they have the same goal to win a championship? To hate one another and wish harm on the other person would only cause their team to fail and lose sight of the fact that they both want the SAME THING. In my marriage I forget so many times that Zach really wants the same things that I want- to enjoy our lives together and to love eachother. He even wants to stay married to me forever, which is what I really want to. So why should I think of him as my enemy? He is my teammate. Even more of my teammate than Lebron is to Chris, because we share a bed and they don’t. Ha.

Zach is FOR me and has my best interest in mind. I am FOR Zach and I also want the best things for him. So I’m going to try my hardest to keep remembering that advice. My husband is my teammate. He’s on my side. I don’t have to fight him. I don’t need to win any game because we’re on the same team.

Here's hoping for a friendly marriage on this Friday,




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